Design Process

I spend a lot of time researching what’s on-trend in blogs, magazines and websites as well as looking at fashion collections. Designers who I am influenced by range from Marc Jacobs for his bold graphic qualities to John Paul Gaultier for is outrageous and stunning pieces. It’s not always jewellery that inspires me; I am inspired by everywhere for my designs from flowers or the colours in nature to what’s hot on the cat-walk. I could spend hours studying the Swarovski Crystallized colour card working out what goes together. If I do have time to go into a bead or supply shop I could be lost in there for days.

I love the challenge of a commission, working with an initial thought of an outfit or occasion it’s being made for, to the colours or materials and then coming up with new designs and ways of putting things together. I spend a lot of time creating new ranges such as my newest range: Neon Brights link which uses brilliant neon colours with gorgeous dyed Jade beads for some really striking but simple pieces.

My jewellery is all handmade by me and unique. It offers my customers something from the opposite end of the mass-produced spectrum. My customers will get something that you won’t see anywhere else and also doesn’t cost the earth.

Bespoke Commissions

Where do I start?
Our Bespoke Design process is as open as it can be. If you see something you like or have no idea where to start we can help you along the way. Please email me with your contact details and we can arrange a phone call or if you are in the Surrey area we can meet up to discuss your requirements. The turnaround time from finalising the design is a minimum of 3 weeks.

How much will it cost?
Once a basic design has been agreed with you I can start the costing process. As the type of materials and timescale can dramatically change the cost, I am happy to explain the different options available. You can get a rough idea of prices from other items in my ranges, however this can only be a starting point.

I've changed my mind again!
Once your design has been approved by you I will start sourcing and ordering materials. Because of this any substantial changes to your design may be charged for. This could include a fee for re-making items plus the cost of additional / replacement materials. Changes made before the completion of the jewellery may result in a change to the price, which will be notified in writing. We will not make any changes to your order without your approval.